Nokia Shifts More Handsets Than Apple! 1

Steve Elop announced Nokia’s quarterly results saying, “We shipped approximately 18 million dual SIM devices in Q3, and in markets such as India where dual SIM is pervasive, we gained market share.”


Nokia Shifts More Handsets Than Apple!


He is not wrong either – considering this guys are shifting well over 100 million units every quarter. With support for over different 100 handsets they can arrogantly say they “have a phone for that” in response to Apple’s “App for that”.


Nokia C2 Dual Sim Smartphone


Nokia C2 Dual Sim Touch Screen Smartphone

Nokia C2 Dual Sim Touch Screen Smartphone


He continues “Additionally, I am encouraged by our progress around the first Nokia experience with Windows Phone, and we look forward to bringing the experience to consumers in select countries later this quarter.”This is yet again a different attack on the smartphone market where Nokia is combining a work and a social phone by being dual sim capable like the Nokia C2.

This is just to let you know that Nokia’s  handsets will soon be running Windows Mango meaning Microsoft and Nokia will have more handsets in the market next year than most of the competition anyway.


……Then Unwraps The Nokia 603 SmartPhone.



Nokia launched the Nokia 603  few weeks ago which is designed for first time smartphone users and those upgrading from older products, specifically existing users of Nokia smartphones who are still uniquely Nokia fans.


Nokia 603 Gaming

Nokia 603 Gaming

Featuring single-tap pairing, sharing and tag reading with NFC

Powered by Symbian Belle around a powerful 1 GHz processor, and 2GB memory with support for up to 32 GB on external micro SD memory card.


Nokia 603 - Home Screen

Nokia 603 – Home Screen


3.5 inch 16:9 nHD with IPS technology for improved contrast and viewing angles,best in class outdoor performance 16 million colours, Capacitive touch screen ClearBlack display


Nokia 603 Mail

Nokia 603 Mail


Integrated GPS, A-GPS receivers, Stereo FM radio with RDS
Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, Wi-Fi (WLAN)

5 megapixel camera Full focus with HD 720p video playback. More good-looking Nokia Touch Screen SmartPhones….

Is “Siri” the next big thing in mobile computing?

One thought on “Nokia Shifts More Handsets Than Apple!

  • Jeanevieve

    In the digital eecsystom, Google delivers more utility and value to users than any of the other big players. Not just search, but gmail, google docs, google+, google voice, Android – all great products/services (no, I do not work for Google, nor do I own their stock :) . Apple – makes beautiful products which are far too expensive and rigidly inflexible.

    Microsoft – still living in the 1990s, becoming less relevant every year. RIM, Nokia, Motorola – missed the boat and fading fast. AT&T and Verizon – resting on their monopoly positions, delivering mediocre cell phone services for exorbitants rates. Facebook – the cheesy, money-grubbing “People Magazine” of social networks (is it just me, or do others also think that FB is the next AOL?).

    As a very frustrated Verizon customer, with an Android phone I like a lot, I am eagerly awaiting Google’s move into wireless services. Verizon charges me $45 a month for the 100 minutes of calls I make, and offers nothing cheaper (that’s 45 cents a minute). Where I live, there’s no alternative to Verizon, if you want some modicum of service.

    Here’s what “Verizon customer loyalty” means to me – I don’t have Verizon because I like what they offer or because they treat me well, I have Verizon because I have no choice. The FTC is focusing on the wrong company when it investigates Google’s move into cell phones. Verizon’s the monopoly that treats its customers like (insert your favorite euphemism for feces).

    I am encouraged by this move into cell phones. I long for the next step: “Google announces that it is offering wireless phone and data services”. I wonder how many people there are who, like me, dream of the day they can cancel their Verizon contract? Within weeks of such a move by Google, Verizon will probably offer cheaper calling plans, and run ads about their new focus on customer service. Which they should have done 2-3 years ago. I can’t wait to be an ex-customer.

    Come on Google!. JR